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9 years ago

CodeReviewer - Cannot add defect



We're just trying out the CodeReviewer application and we've run into an issue that we can't figure out.  The web GUI is working great except that we cannot add defects.  We click the "Add Defect" button and doesn't give us any option to specify severity or type.  We only get the "Add Defect" and "Cancel" buttons.  We click "Add Defect", but it says we have to specify type and severity. 


We looked at the users guide and it shows that there should be two fields.  Does anyone know what we're doing wrong?


We're using version 9.2.  It is installed on a Windows 7 x64 system.  Everything else seems to work as far as we can tell.  We just need to be able to add defects.


Thanks in Advance.


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    Quick Update.  I was reading the changelogs and I found this:


    fixed - Made it consistent that Type and Severity custom fields are required for defect commands (COLLAB-952)


    After seeing that, I tried downgrading my server to 9.1.  It looks like 9.1 does make defects so maybe the change indicated above broke the 9.2 CodeReviewer release.  Maybe the CodeReviewer template needs to be updated to support basic type and severity fields?

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      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. SmartBear is in the process of correcting this in the latest (9200) release.

      For the time being, please stick with the 9100 release of Code Reviewer.


      Thank You,