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4 years ago

Can I review only the changes since my last review?



When, after a review, the developer uploads new changes, how, as a reviewer, can I limit my view to only those files *and* only those lines that are newly changed since my last review?

Even with a small number of files, it seems I have to check each one again and look at all changes again.


I know there is an upload number associated with each file, but it is much to burdensome to have to write down those upload numbers somewhere in order to limit my review work. Even with that, all changes are still displayed. Is there a filter that allows me to review only the changes since my last review?



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    Unfortunately, Collaborator doesn't have such a filter. However, there are some workarounds.

    There is the "Show advanced mode" button at the top of the DiffViewer. If you click it, two drop-down lists will appear, before and after. In each of them, you can choose the file version to display on the correspondent side of the page. The items in the drop-downs are shown not only with the upload number but also with the timestamp, which makes it easier to choose the correct file version.

    Besides, when a new file version is uploaded, a new system message indicating the file version upload is added in the chat section. You can utilize the Accepted button to mark the file versions that have already been reviewed (See Accepted.png). This will help you to trace the file versions that were reviewed before, and the latest reviewed version.