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5 months ago

Unable to connect Appium Inspector to session with Bitbar device

Hello,  I'm trying to connect Appium Inspector to a device on Bitbar, but it always returns an error: "Failed to create session. Request timed out" or "Failed to create session. All non-standard cap...
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    5 months ago

    Hi Denis

    there're two parts to your problem:

    1. Appium Inspector seems to require (or adds on it's own) "source" capability, which is not supported. Good news is, incoming release (December 5th) brings this support.

    2. The way you create keys for capabilities isn't correct. W3C requires you to preffix to vendor specific capabilities, which "appium:" for appium specific capabilties and respectively "bitbar:" to bitbar ones. However you added "appium:" to bitbar capabilities. You should remove that and leave just "bitbar_XYZ"


    One more thing that's worth mentioning (if you'd like to switch entirely to W3C format), which is Appium Inspector inherent problem, that we discovered: Appium Inspector does internal mapping/replacement of capabilitiies when you use W3C format with bitbar specific capabilities to incorrect ones. Meaning: don't use "bitbar:options:" object, just stick to "bitbar_XYZ" format (they way you do, but remember to remove "appium:", what I explained eariler)


    enjoy testing!