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7 years ago

I am trying to add several source files to a profiling area in C++ in Visual Studio2015.

I tried to mimic the VB script example, but my program always crashes when I try to add a second item to my created area. If I only add one item, it works fine. Does anybody have a C++ VS2015 example...
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    7 years ago

    Actually, I solved my problem, but I'm not 100% sure why:

    The key was to reset the two CComPtr inside the loop. Not sure why, but I am not a COM expert:

    CComPtr <IaqCOMAccessAreaItem> areaValue

    CComPtr <IaqCOMAccessDbgSymbol> SrcFileSymbol;


    for (long j = 0; j < itemCount; j++)



           areaValue = 0;

           SrcFileSymbol = 0;

           hr = modObject->get_Item(dtSourceFile, j, &SrcFileSymbol);


           if (isFileNameOfInterest(FullName, listFileNames))



                  hr = aqArea->AddItem(SrcFileSymbol, &areaValue);




    Thanks to all for the suggestions.