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9 years ago

How to use AQTime Pro Demo if AQTime Standard for Embarcadero RAD Studio is already installed



As the subject describes, I would like to try out some features of the AQTime Pro Demo. But I cannot install it, as the installer complains that the Standard version already installed.

This is infact true. I have XE7 installed, together with the AQTime Standard.


The Standard version (integrated into XE7) works fine, just lacks line-level-profiling. So I thought I will install the 14 day trial of Pro, and see what can I do with line-level-profiling.


An option could be to first uninstall the Standard version. Followed by installing the Pro Demo. And after that decide to purchase Pro, or get back to the Standard version. But before I start to mess around with my working Standard version, let me ask if this is the only way to get the Pro Demo working.






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    Hi Tamas,


    Yes, I think that this is the only way, unless you install AQtime on some other machine and try it without the integration with the RAD Studio.