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15 years ago

Exception in AQTime but not in Delphi IDE


I have problems to start my application. It runs fine outside AQTime,
but when I start it there, I always get an exception.

I work on Delphi 2007 and have no clue, who to find out and fix my
problem. Can someone give me some hints?


Best regards


Event Thread ID Time
- First chance exception 0xC0000096 PRIVILEGED_INSTRUCTION occurred at 0x00476EB3 5052 11:09:14:031
    0x00476EB3 madTraceProcess + 0x2970F in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x006A1129 BSDB::TBSDBDefs::GetDBDefs + 0x99 in BSDB.pas line 1766 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x0069F35C BSDB::TBSDBConnection::Initialize + 0xE0 in BSDB.pas line 1352 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x0069D1E3 BSDB::TBSDBConnection::Create + 0x43 in BSDB.pas line 774 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x0069E6D5 BSDB::TBSDBConnection::GenInstance + 0x21 in BSDB.pas line 1198 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x008232D7 rawDataDB::TRawDataDB::Create + 0x53 in server\rawDataDB.pas line 163 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x00824A98 rawDataDB::TRawDataDB::ThreadInitialize + 0x14 in server\rawDataDB.pas line 397 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x00A2ADC2 rawDataDB::initialization + 0x1A in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x0040555B System::InitUnits + 0x3F in sys\system.pas line 11386 in Rankings.exe 5052  
    0x004055C3 System::StartExe + 0x3F in sys\system.pas line 11463 in Rankings.exe 5052  

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  • Hello Christian,

    To help us investigate the problem, please try using our online support resource - the AQtime Troubleshooter.

    Please follow the suggested steps to get your problem resolved or to collect more information and get personalized assistance.
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    Hello David,

    I could solve the problem (had to disable extended debugging for manged code).

    Congratulation to your support assistent site. It's really great how fast it directed me to the correct spot.

    cu Christian