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15 years ago

Exception in AQTime but not in Delphi IDE

Dear Sirs,

I have a similar problem as Christian Kaufman had. The difference is I use Delphi 2006 and AQTime 5.45.487. I used the Troubleshooter, succeeded in running the Application with the exeption trace profiler, but didn't find the possibility to 'disable
extended debugging for manged code'. Seems to exist only in AQTime V6. If You know a correspondig switch in V5, please tell me.

The application under AQTime with the allocation profiler crashes at the appearence of 'First chance exception', see appended html-file.

Thanks in advance,

Christof Kihm

P.S.: You and Your tools are doing a great job!

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  • Hi Christof,

    Could you please increase the exception call stack depth, generate a new Event View log and send us the file directly via the Contact Support form? To increase the depth, set the "Options | Options... | Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth shown" option to 100.