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11 years ago

DLL Allocation profiling No Result

Good Morning,

I am trying to profile memory allocation in a DLL, say pluginDLL.dll. I create a new project in AQTime and add the module 'pluginDLL.dll'. This DLL is compiled in Release x64 with VisualStudio 10, all my projects are C++. This DLL is linked to a lib. Say algo.lib. I add to the AQTime project the DLL algo.dll.

pluginDLL.dll is a DLL programmed on an API to an application, say MainApp.exe. If I launch MainApp.exe, then open my plugin, the process MainAppSDK starts. This process starts when any plugin written with this SDK starts. 

So, to run the profiling, I proceed as follows (I have already created the project with the two DLLs): I launch manually MainApp.exe. I open manually my plugin, so that MainAppSDK process starts. In AQTime, I attach the process MainAppSDK, and runs the profiling.

If I check Check Memory Bounds, application crashes. Warnings in Event pane are of type 'Access violation' in some msvcr100.dll.

If i check two other options only, i can run my plugin to the end. I can read messages from my application in the event pane, stating that application ran to the end successfully. Before it ends, I click the camera to get the results. And then results are generated but are empty...

Could you help me troubleshoot?

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    Just an idea: try not to attach to the process, but specify your MainApp.exe as a host application in the Run|Parameters... dialog. Then execute the Run|Run command. This should start MainApp.exe with the profiler attached to it. Open your plug-in, do whatever required in it and try to get the results.

    Also, before starting profiling, check that either profiling of the entire application is enabled in the Code To Profile panel (which I am not sure you need) or create a new including area (if areas are supported by the selected profiler) and add pluginDLL.dll to it. (See AQtime help for more details about profiling areas).

    If the above does not help, you may try contact Support: