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15 years ago

Allocation Profiler does not generate any timestamped results

Even if there are no "Classes Data" or "Objects" listed, I would still expect something to show up under the Results tab's explorer panel.  I have looked over the FAQ and saw the following:

A.: You most likely have an active filter applied to the results. Make sure that you do not have filters that hide the objects from the report:

  • Press the

  • Try disabling the

Unfortunately, this requires something to first appear in the panel under the "Last Results" tree item.  If I exit my app at the startup screen it seems to work just fine.  However, after I have progressed passed the start screen of my app and try to exit manually by closing the window or using AQTime's "terminate" button, nothing will appear under "Last Results".

OS: Windows Vista

Visual Studio 2008 (vs9)

AQTime: 6.30.446.86

Using win32 and OpenGL

Any ideas?

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  • Hello Michael,

    Please check whether AQtime's Event View panel contains any exceptions after the profiled application ends. Probably, the application crashes, so, the Allocation profiler does not generate any results for it. In this case, to help us investigate the crash, try using our AQtime Troubleshooter.