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11 years ago

Delphi 7 + AQtime 8 + Allocation Profiler + No Results Window on Exit

Good Day

When I run my application through AQTime 8 on my Windows 7 64bit Machine, perform the processes that I think might lead to memory leaks and then close the application no Results Window is generated by AQTime

However if while during program execution I press "Get Results" then the Results Window is generated but this does not help as I need to see what if anything is not getting free'd on application close

This worked initially when I installed AQTime 8 but after a few executions has stopped. I have rebooted my machine and recompiled my Delphi Applications but this has not helped


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    Ok a bit of an update

    I re-ran the Allocation Profiler but this time checked the options for Memory Bounds, Memory blocks and memory allocations and this time on closing my application got a results window
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    Hi Mark,

    You can check that AQtime collects results from your application if the Event View panel contains the "Allocation Profiler results have been generated" message at the end of the profiling process. To see all results in the Report panel, you can also disable the View Project Classes Only and Filter Objects by Stack options on the Profiler toolbar.