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7 years ago

AQtime 8.71 does not start C++Builder 10.2 application

I am running the Trial Edition of AQtime 8.71 prior to a decision whether to purchase or not. My app is a 32-bit Windows program built with Embarcadero 10.2 Tokyo. I am running on Windows 10 (v1803), 64-bit.


When I run the Performance Profiler, after various modules are loaded, nothing happens - my program doesa not appear on the screen and so there is nothing to profile.


Windows Task Manager shows my app is running (taking up 16% of CPU) but it is nowhere to be seen.


Has anyone else experience this and have a solution?


Thanks in anticipation.




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    Yes, I have followed the instructions for preparing my application. AQtime finds and loads the debug information, reports the functions it cannot instrument, and then ... nothing happens.


    I wonder whether there is some limit on the amount of debug info AQtime can handle?


    Now that I have found the supplied sample apps, I have confirmed that AQtime works for a  trivial app.


    I have followed your advice and put in a bug report to SB.


    Thanks for your efforts.



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      Hi Andrew,


      i have followed your advice and put in a big report to SB.

      For the potential benefit of others, I will appreciate it if you update this thread with the results that you will get with Support...

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        I am facing exactly the same issue with Delphi 10.2.3 (using AQTime standard from getIt): the process is started and shows up in the process list the application code doesn't run at all.


        I tried installing the "pro" trial, since the getIt version is apparently outdated (and without a clear way to be updated) but that installer hangs on "License Manager service installation".


        I'd appreciate if you could explain how you solved your itssue (if you did solve it)