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13 years ago

AQTime 6.21 (7.0). Error: "R6030 CRT not initialized"

Hello Use AQTime 6.21 and AQTime 7.0 to optimize the code.

I have my delphi project created in BDS 2006.

I start my project for debugging and error AQTime: R6030 CRT not initialized.

Help to solve my problem.

Using the OS Windows XP SP3

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    attach a picture of the information from AQTime
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    Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Download the latest version of AQtime (7.30) from our web site and try to repeat the actions you've done before using this version. Does the error persist?

    2. Try to reproduce this behavior on another machine (for example, you can use the machine with the same operating system). Does the problem remain?

    3. Send us a message with the results, your project and generated Event View log using the Contact Support form.