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7 years ago

AQtime samples are not installed

I have installed (and reinstalled) AQtime 8.71 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine and, despite the samples being ticked for installation, I cannot find them anywhere.


According to the documentation, they should be locates in the folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AQtime 8" - however, no such folder exists on my machine.


So far my experience of AQtime has been very poor.


Are the sample downloadable from the web anywhere?




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    Ok, so I've found the samples here:


    C:\ProgramData\Documents\AQtime 8 Samples\Unmanaged


    This is NOT an intuitive location for these files! I suggest C:\ProgramData\AQtime 8\Documents\Samples\Unmanaged would be better.


    However, wherever SmartBrae decides to place these files, PLEASE update your online help and program documentation so that new users don't waster their time looking for them.


    Very annoying.

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    Hi Andrew,


    While the path to the Samples folder in Explorer's address bar is 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\AQtime 8 Samples' indeed, the folder names (if selected from the left-hand tree) are 'C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\AQtime 8 Samples'.



    Does this help?

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      yes I already know about the  difference between the folder name and th display name. This has been a feature of Windows since Vista cam out.


      the issue is that SmartBear have put the files in the ProgramData folder instead of in the Documents folder. Not only is that the wrong place for them (if you follow Microsoft’s guidelines) but - worse - the help tells you the files are in the Docuemnts folder when they are not. Either the  help needs changing or the location does.


      thanks for answering anyway