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2 years ago

Test Cycle disappearing

I have recently had a Test cycle disappear from the cycle summary for a release, even though when I looked at Test Executions I can see that Test cases are still showing as added to this Test cycle. I am convinced that a user has done something, but not sure what. I recreated the folder and attached test cases again, however the following day the original Cycle re-appeared with the execution status's and attachments as they previously were.  I am at a loss to explain this, has anyone experienced this before ?


update - it has disappeared again

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  • I've had this happen, I figured out if there are too many folders under a release it starts "losing" them just as you described.  I ended up creating some "releases" for each year and archiving test cycles into them to take them out of the active rotation.

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      Thanks for response and good tip, I've just realised my description wasn't quite correct, its the Test Cycle that disappeared and then reappeared again. Have just checked and it has now disappeared again. I suspect that one of the managers running the tests is doing something in error, but not sure what 

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        Yes, sorry, and I was slightly unclear, as well.  I am also referring to the test cycle getting lost - due to how my dev team uses Jira we don't have releases set up in the way that Zephyr uses to create release folders, so I'll set up test cycles in the Unreleased > Unscheduled folder by default.


        When I had too many (15? 20?) test cycles in Unscheduled they started not appearing in the left hand navigation tree, but I could Search Test Executions where I could see, and navigate to, the test cycle so I knew they weren't actually missing.  I created a fake release named "2021" for the Jira project, the folder showed up in the Cycle Summary tree under Unreleased, I moved last year's test cycles into it, and the "missing" test cycle popped back up in the Unscheduled folder.