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2 years ago

How to import Jira cascade field values using Zephyr Test Importer



I am looking for suggestion on how to prepare the Excel file for Jira cascade field values when using the Zephyr Test Importer.

For example, I have a Jira custom cascade field "Test Type". Option 1 = UAT Test.  Option 2 = Master 

In Jira csv import, I would prepare the data as "UAT Test -> Master" for the custom cascade field.

But in Zephyr test importer, this format didn't work.  Only Option 1 was imported successfully.  Option 2 was blank.



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    I just came across this post, having the same issue.

    The syntax "UAT Test - Master" should work. Just an "-" to separate both values. The "->" from csv Import is not working here.