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2 years ago

How to generate JWT TOKEN from Postman

Hi Doug & Team,
There seems to be some confusion. Kindly help me out here as soon as possible.

My issue is How to generate JWT token from Postman itself. I have SecretKey, access Key, AccoutnId, Zephyr base URL also. Please just guide me how to use these details to generate JWT token from Postman.

I am not talking about usage of the JWT TOKEN. I am asking about the process of generating JWT token via Postman.

Thank you

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  • Hi I was able to generate a JWT token in postman. 
    You want to create a POST request to this URL

    Add Key value for Header

        Content-Type = application/json

    For Body select raw input





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      Hi Fernando. 


      This is the single most useful thing I've found in ages.  I only use Postman and I'm not a developer so I had absolutely no idea how to generate a JWT using all the other methods described.  This is really helpful.  Thank you.


      Kind regards



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      Please let me know, from where we get access key, secretkey and account id?