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2 years ago

[Zephyr Scale cloud API] Is there a way to get TestCase ID using testcase name?

Using gradle+JUnit I have automation that is running and uploading junit xml results to Zephyr.

If a test does not exist it's automatically created.


I added a code (in the @BeforeEach setUp() function) that collects the "@Issue" annotations of the test methods and builds a map of "method name":"issueKey".


I need to find a way to get the ID of the testcase that was created (or an existing one) based on the testcase name (which is the method name), so after uploading the results I will be able to use the Create Issue Link API to add coverage, by linking the tests to corresponding issues.


So far, I know of the TestCases API:

But it lets me get all testcases in a project/folder, or get a specific testcase by its testCaseKey, and for new tests created on-the-fly I don't have their key.


Any chance someone already found a solution?

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