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10 months ago

Zephyr Report

Hello everyone,

Do you know how I can generate a report and chart showing the number of test cases depending on the Label field only (without looking for the execution status)?

Note: I tried this report "Test execution results by label" but I would not it with the execution.

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    Ideally what you need is a Test Library report.  If you're a Zephyr Scale Server/Data user then this should be something you can do.  If you're a Cloud user then we're still waiting for Test Library reports to be ported over!


    I'll talk generally how we can show results by label using the Custom Query option, Label criteria, (image below).  It's important to note that the main drawback of trying to report by labels is that if your labelled test cases are used in more than one test cycle, those test cases are going to appear more than once in your report.  If this is a problem you could probably work around it by using a custom field to manually flag which test cases you want to show/hide (those fields would need to be managed in the Test Cycle or Test Execution areas), but that is probably not ideal.


    Some examples of reports that work with label criteria:

    - "Test execution results (summary)" - returning results and charts

    - "Test execution results (list)" - returning a list of results