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2 years ago

"User could not be loaded" when assigning an owner to a test case



I have created around 130 testcases for a project and would like to assign a owner to each one of those. If I open the case and search for a person to assign, I can find and select him / her. However, once I save the changes, it shows "user could not be loaded" (see picture).


Thanks for your help.

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    Hi.  I've not seen that before.  The fact that you can see them in the dropdown search suggests that they have access to the project but I can only think of checking Project Settings, People, and ensuring that your people are created in there and everything looks OK.  Other than that, maybe it's a ZS Permissions thing (also in project settings > apps > ZS...).  If that doesn't help the SmartBear support team can be found here: Support Portal