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2 years ago

Test Execution Results are Incorrect and While importing all steps are not getting imported


I've come across 2 issues:

1. When using Date parameters within Zephyr Scale for test case execution various reports show inconsistent data.

Screenshots attached

  1. Report Name : Test Execution results by Test Cycle. -

e.g Test Cycle IDL-R122 has a total of 47 test cases and all of them have been executed in Jan 2023


Expected Result : 47 test cases

Actual Result : 8 test cases


2. While importing test cases, for some test cases all steps are getting imported but not for all test cases. Even though the file is same and steps are mentioned for all test cases. Please help

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    This does seem odd.  I'm unable to replicate the issue and haven't seen it before.  I wonder if you can spot the 8 records and figure out why they are included and the others not?


    If you want to raise this with the SmartBear support team, you can reach them here: SmartBear Support

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    Regarding the import issue, I can only guess at what might be the problem.  I would trial and error the import one of those problem test cases in a separate file.  You could remove steps from the test case until you get it to import successfully.  Once you've identified which step is causing the problem, take a look in that cell for anything unusual that could be causing the import process to fail.


    Or... you could try SmartBear support at the link I sent in the previous message 🙂