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21 days ago

Test Cases for a Jira 'FIX IN' version

How can I find all Test Cases that will be associated with a certain Jira 'FIX IN' version?

We have a number of Jira issues that are associated with a  Jira 'FIX IN' Version.  Each Jira issue has at least one test case linked to it.   How can I get a test case list based on the issues in each version?  We have 200+ stories (issues) and therefore 200++ test cases.  The next build will address 50+ stories(issues) and I would like to look at only these test cases.

There are 2 use cases that I want for this:

  1. Review all of the case statuses to make sure that they are all in APPROVED status
  2. Create a test cycle for this build that encompasses only what is testable, and not items not yet implemented.

We have been able to handle this in the past by manually picking the test cases, but I can see this getting complicated very quickly with the number stories / test cases we have so far.  I am trying to look ahead with managing bug-fix mode in future builds, which will have their own set of test cases linked to each bug.  



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