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2 months ago

Test Cases for a Jira 'FIX IN' version

How can I find all Test Cases that will be associated with a certain Jira 'FIX IN' version? We have a number of Jira issues that are associated with a  Jira 'FIX IN' Version.  Each Jira issue has at...
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    2 months ago

    Kudos to Andy for talking through this in a sidebar conversation.

    I ended up submitting a help ticket to SmartBear, and did get some feedback.  

    I went through the description that you gave and believe that the below steps will help in retrieving the Zephyr Scale Test Cases that are associated with the Jira Issue for a specific fix version.

    1. You can use the JQL query first to get all the Jira Issues linked to that specific fix version
    Eg: Project = DEMO AND fixVersion = "FIX IN"
    2. Create and save the above search query as a filter.
    3. Navigate to Reports -> Traceability Report in the Zephyr Scale section
    4. Try to filter by "Issue" and choose the filter that you created above
    5. Choose the Traceability Direction as Coverage -> Test Cases
    6. Generate the report

    The report generated will include all of the Jira issues related with that version, as well as the Zephyr Scale Test Cases that are linked to those Jira issues.

    This was successful in generating a report that shows all test cases, which helped quite a bit.

    However, I was not able to create a test cycle automatically from this list of test cases.  It still would require a manual operation of selecting test cases (and not missing any along the way).  In further communication with SmartBear support, I found that there was not a way to do this directly through their UI, and they suggest that I submitted a feature request.  I submitted this feature request, and am hoping it will get some traction to get it implemented.