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14 days ago

Special characters included in Jira USERID

Hi Team, we use testexceutions (under create Test execution) api in a powershell script by passing the values to the parameters testcycleKey, TestCaseKey, StatusName, executedbyID to update the test case status on the Zephyr. Problem is with the executedbyID where for few of the users in my team their Jira USERID includes special characters like '%','-',':' which is not acceptable into the api as the values are set as string (JiraUserAccountId) ^[-:a-zA-Z0-9]{1,128}$ for executedbyID. Please suggest on how to pass these values and get the executedby ID updated on test execution.


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    Does it look like all of your users have special characters? I just checked quite a few of our team members and they all contain a-z 0-9 only

    What is the actual error you get from the API when you try to run this script?