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4 years ago

Results and Winners for Our Inside Zephyr Event

Hi Zephyr Community,


The Inside Zephyr event is over, and it went even better than we hoped! It’s time to talk about its results and announce the winners! 🏆


We were really excited to introduce our Zephyr product family teams in a series of 12 interviews. We asked SmartBears both personal and tool-related questions, and got some fantastic answers for 2021. All our video interviews will remain in public access under the InsideZephyr tag – it contains videos for all three Zephyr products: Zephyr Enterprise, Zephyr Scale, and Zephyr Squad. Check out the ones you haven’t seen yet!


Thanks to everyone who replied to the questions we asked under each video interview and participated in the discussions! The Zephyr team members were excited to see all your comments, learn about your test management experiences, and engage, too. Our expert team went through all the comments and we are happy to congratulate these event winners!







Thank you for sharing your stories with us! You will be rewarded with a $10 gift card and an exclusive winner badge designed for this event.


Special congratulations go to MisterB who participated in the event on multiple days! We’d like to present him with a $15 dollar gift card and a winner badge.


All participants who just came by to say ‘hi’ during the event or leave a comment will get a participant badge and a big thank you from our Team!

We are glad you enjoyed the content we posted!



It was really nice to get to know you all, we hope you enjoyed Inside Zephyr! See you on the forums 😊

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    Hi sonya_m,


    Wow!  Thank you for the mention and the voucher 😊 .  And thank you to all in the SmartBear team for the event - I'm sure a lot of effort went into making it the success that it was.


    Best regards, Andy