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2 years ago

Report settings. Grouping settings in the report


I encountered the need to display reports by certain grouping and display nesting. I need to display all information about all tests grouped by the following logic:
Epic -> Test Plan [SKIP] -> Test Cycle -> Test Case -> Test Execution [SKIP] -> Test Step [SKIP] -> Issue [SKIP]
Items with the [SKIP] element can be skipped, they are not critical for display.
After re-reading the documentation and learning in practice about the possibilities of reports, their varieties and types, the "Tracability" reports turned out to be the most suitable for my needs. Before their generation, there is a "Settings" item, where you can choose a grouping method. At this point I have two points. Screenshot attached with available groupings.

Tell me, please, is it possible to configure this grouping yourself? Or is there another option for displaying a report of this type?

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    The only way I know how it might be possible is to use the URL of the report (which contains the report logic) and see if you can amend it to make it work.  For example, here is the end part of a URL for a traceability report I ran.  You can see it contains criteria which you might be able to amend.  I don't know as I've not tried it in this particular scenario but this hack does work in other situations.