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3 years ago

Migrating data and configurations from on premises to cloud

How to export data and configuration from on premises Test Management for Jira to Zephyr Scale (SmartBear)  cloud

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  • Hello! 

    Any customer may (and we hope they do) start assessing, planning, prepping, and testing Jira migrations right now!! One just needs to go ahead and install JCMA for that.


    But if you want to (test) migrate Zephyr Scale data through JCMA, you must first apply to the Early Access Program of the JCMA-with-apps-migration feature. That is done here. If you are approved, you will receive contact from Atlassian with a good-to-go message, then you need to inform SmartBear about it so we can enable your instance for the data migration. That’s the only way JCMA will also migrate your installed app's data.

    Be aware that the EAP approval is done by Atlassian.


    Since app migration through the JCMA is in the beta phase, we do not recommend any of our customers migrate directly to a production instance. You should first do it in a staging environment.



    Luzia Mendes

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