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2 years ago

Linking Test Case version to Software version



I am looking for a practical way to mapp test case to the SUT version in the Server version.

As I see, I have several version of the test case, and I can use the labels to indicate which version TC version is valid for which SUT version.

Unfortunately, I cannot properly search based on the labels in the Test Cases view because the search result will always display the latest version, and even If had the correct search result, I cannot create a Test Cycle based on the selected test cases (only based on folders).

Within the test cycle the test case search view does not offer the possibility to even view the labels.


How do you manage this?

We will soon migrate to the cloud version - are there more possibility there?



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    I assume the functionality is the same in Server, but can't remember for sure.  Either way, there is a gap in the functionality here (In my opinion) and you should be able to filter by version number.  I think as a workaround labels could help: you could then create/save a filter (or just filter) when you're adding test cases to a cycle.  Once you have your target test cases you would then have to manually change the version number(!) as in the screenshot below.  Alternatively you might have more luck with the API: Server API



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    In your proposed workaround - that could work except that for some obscure reason the labels are not displayed in this view so I cannot easily see for which test cases I need to change the version even if I am ready to do it manually...

    As you mentioned it can probably be solved through the API but I hoped there is a more user-friendly way to solve this - I believe - basic functionality.

    Thanks anyway!