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2 years ago

Invalid user value warning when importing test case



When we import a test case , in last step we get a warning. "1 test case has been imported but fields have been set to empty due to having invalid values". Owner - Invalid user value.


We try this solution. (Import from CSV field Owner - SmartBear Community ) The assignee of the issue same as the owner of the excel. 

After that we assign the owner manuelly than export this case. We saw that value JIRAUSER23322 in the Excel's owner cell. It's not an username or any user properties in JIRA User profile. When we import case with this owner value, case imported successful. But we don't understand this. 


What does this value in owner cell mean? JIRAUSER23322


Thank you for your helps

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    Hi.  I'm not sure what JIRAUSER23322 is, but here are some screenshots to show how to get the Jira UserID...


    On an existing Jira Issue, assign it to the user whose Jira ID you want to find:

    A new window will open with the XML.  Search for "assignee" and you will find the UserID