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Import from CSV field Owner


Import from CSV field Owner

we need to import test cases from CSV file. Import is working but field value Owner isn't added to the test case. There is a warning: "Cannot add value J17761 to field Owner - Invalid user value. User fields should match the key of an existing Jira user. E.g. "john.doe" ."


Value "J17761" is Username of active user. Where is the problem?


Thanks a lot!


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Soňa Husáková, Onlio APS, a.s. - Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise, Prague

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Hi Sona,


I think you need to supply the Jira user ID, not the user name.  The way I do this is to assign an issue to that user, then export that issue to XML.  Jira will open a new page and if you search for the user name you will see the actual user ID, which you need to paste into your import file.


If there's an easier/quicker way to find a Jira user ID please do share.


Best, Andy

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Further to the post above and for future reference here are some screenshots on 'how to'...


On an existing Jira Issue, assign it to the user whose Jira ID you want to find:


A new window will open with the XML.  Search for "assignee" and you will find the UserID



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