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3 years ago

How to configure Zephyr Scale to group by in the Test Cycles view

Zephyr Scale> Test Cycles


Is there a way to configure Zephyr Scale to be able to filter on "Planned Execution Date" (created as custom field) in the Test Cycles view?

Some of my Project Leads have been asking for this given the volume of scripts that appear in this list. Would be very beneficial if there was a way to group / filter on execution date. Please see the below screenshot highlighted area.

I'm the project admin for this Zephyr project.

Thank you in advance!


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    I couldn't find a way to do that in the test player either and tried adding a custom Test Execution date field.  It is possible using the test case view and adding a custom date field (and then adding that column into the test case view) but then you are only managing this information at the test case level, not the test execution level.


    There is a workaround that might help which is to create that custom Test Execution date field and then report on it (it still won't show) to extract as a dataset in Excel where the field data will show and you can run a report from there.


    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Vannam 
    I am also looking to find out a way to Group By according to 'Coverage(Issue)'.
    Did you find any solution??

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    Sadly no option in that area but I posted a response to your other post to check out the Reports>Traceability section