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6 months ago

hasLinkedTestCycle() does not allow to filter only issues linked to a specific cycle


using Zephyr Scale Server, is there a way using JQL to only filter issues linked to a specific cycle, rather than to any cycle (which is how I believe the hasLinkedTestCycle() method works)?

I'd expect something similar to coveredByTestCasesHavingField() where users are able to search for issues linked to only test cases with specific field/value pairs.


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      Thanks MisterB - unfortunately it doesn't look this one can accept any argument


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        Yeah, that does seem to be the case.  The only other JQL based option I can think of is to use another function: coveredByTestCasesHavingField() which enables you to bring in other test case fields.  If your Test Case folder structure is the same as your Test Cycle folder structure then you might be able to achieve the same thing by referencing the folder, e.g. project = MGS and issue in coveredByTestCasesHavingField("folder", "/Orbiter/Cargo bay").  Other potential options are test case labels, components or custom fields. 

        But... thinking back to when I had the Server version of Scale, there were a set reports that you could run based on Issues.  If those reports still exist you should be able to run those by Test Cycle, and that might do what you want, just in a different direction: Scale to Jira instead of Jira to Scale.