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2 years ago

Edit Test steps in test player

May I know is there a way to modify test steps during test case execution?

Project / Test Cycles / xxxx / Test Player

When we run test cases in Zephyr Scale test player, we can only go back to the Test cases tab to modify test steps.

It seems like we are not able to modify in Test player directly.

Can you please advised?


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    I think you're right.  The modification of a test case can only happen at the test case level.  And that sort of makes sense because the test script in the test player is in fact the test execution of a test case (they are separate things), and so if your test case is being executed multiple times by different testers in different test cycles, then a change to the test case should be made at the test case level so that it can be propagated to all test executions (if the 'update' option is clicked in the test player) - at least that how I think it works


    In case there is a way to do this, you can try the smartbear support team at the link below.  Please do share the solution if they give you one! 🙂


    Support Portal