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11 months ago

CSV Import Data Mapping Mismatch

I am importing tests from a CSV that was exported from MicroFocus ALM.

In the Data Mapping screen, I have aligned each "Current value" to the appropriate "Target value" for "Priorities" and "Statuses" as seen in the first screen capture in the attached document.

Upon successful import of the test cases, all Priorities are shown as the default value of "Medium" and the non-default values are displayed in the "Status" field.  See subsequent screen captures in the attached document.

Has anyone seen this before?

Any ideas on how to get this to import correctly?


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    That is some strange behaviour.  I've not seen that before.  I assume it has to be a file or data issue but I guess it's possible that the import function has a bug.  You're probably going to have to raise a ticket with SmartBear support (I've added the link below for you).


    I've added some thoughts below on how I'd approach this issue (apologies if this is trying to teach you to suck eggs!)


    1) File issue?

    You could rule out the file issue (if you haven't already) by stripping out the data from your CSV file and placing it in a clean template, preferably one that you know already works.  If the import from a clean file doesn't work, we can assume it's a data issue.


    2) Data issue?

    You could search your data for carriage returns or special characters which might cause problems (just a guess), look for rows that contain the most characters (LEN() function), NULLS, etc. - temporarily remove those suspect rows and try another import.  If the import is still failing...


    3) Multiple imports

    ... you could try importing in smaller batches of, say 50 records, to try and pinpoint when the data issue occurs.


    Or... you could contact SmartBear 🙂


    SmartBear Support