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3 years ago

Zephyr Enterprise for Jira

Is there a way to report on the test case execution from Jira itself as we have the Zephyr Enterprise Jira addon pulling live test execution results from Zephyr to Jira?


Earlier, Zephyr test case links were remote links which limited us to pull that data in Jira's query. Do we have an option now with this Zephyr Enterprise addon to get the exec data via a Jira query? 

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  • Hi Kirithika 


    Hope you are well. 


    As it stands the plugin doesnt allow for direct reporting. 


    But thats not to say it wont be possible in the future. 


    The idea of the plugin was to provide Jira users rich insightful data on how the stories they are working are performing. 


    It essentially replaced deeplinks/issue links. 


    Its still new and shiny and it gives us the opportunity to add more functionality to the plugin like you have mentioned. 


    For that reason I would suggest raising an idea with the product team 



    Lastly, for Jira users, you could create a dashboard only for these users. 


    If they only have dashboard only roles linked to their zephyr account they wont consume a license count in Zephyr! 

    Let me know how that works