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11 months ago

Trouble mapping execution to testcase

I have a simple testcase that contains the following:

def testTest():
    assert False


A batch file to run the test that contains the following:

@echo off
title Test batch script
pytest --junitxml=c:/Users/----/zbot/results/test_output.xml c:/Users/----/projects/REVEAL-Automation-Tests/1.2.5/HL7/LabConnectors/


A Vortex Script Automation entry that looks like this:


And I'm executing a testcase using it like so...


Zbot is started on my local system with the following command:

zbot_start.bat > runlog.log 2>&1

...and I just load runlog.log into a log viewer to keep things readable.


The execution gives the following feedback from zbot

WARNING: No execution is mappped with parsed testcase.
Sep 14, 2023 4:46:21 PM com.thed.launcher.ScriptProcessor run

What step or format am I missing that helps map my unittests to specific testcases in Zephyr? I've been pouring over zephyr's documentation for hours and I can't find anything. These are just supposed to be fairly vanilla UnitTests. The testcase in question is just checking the contents of a JSON file, and another one in this group is just verifying that an installer isn't installing a few DLL files that we removed from our system.


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