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3 years ago

Synchronization of Requirements pulled in from iTrack Jira

I know how to manually pull in requirements from AT&T's iTrack Jira into ZETM, but would like to know how to establish a synchronization of requirement to flow from iTrack Jira to ZETM so that when requirements are updated (and they will on a daily basis) in iTrack Jura, a manual pull of updated requirements is not required to be executed on a daily basis in ZETM.

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      When I create new requirements in iTrack Jira, being either Epics or Stories, ZETM does not pull them into the release requirements folder after the synchronization was setup. Why is that and how can I fix so that new Epics or Stories are pulled into ZETM with a refresh?

      Bill White, PMP
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        Hi Bill, 


        As long as the sync configuration is configured and the appropriate JQL is pulling the correct data then this work. 


        PS when you configure the sync configuration you will need to expand the synced folder and not your usual folder. 


        This is where the synced data resides 


        It wont be in your standard requirements folder. 


        If this issue persists reach out to your account manager to arrange a call with an engineer. 


        They can have a closer look if needs be!