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2 years ago

I want a report showing testcases with automation-status of "Automated" from Test Repository

I want a report showing testcases with automation-status of "Automated" from a specific folder within the Test Repository module


The folder structure looks like this

Under Project_xyz

Select Test Repository

Select >Application_1

Select >> Feature_1

Click Search then click Advanced

NOTE: In this Release checkbox is not selected

Then run this query ---- project = "CTS" and automation-status ~ "Automated"


The search results shows the cases all version across all releases, instead I only want the cases that are in the Test Repository folder

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  • Hello 


    You could do that by adding the Specific release in the Query and the folder in the Query


    Example :- 

    project = "Project_xyz" and release = "Release 1.0" and folder = "Application_1" and automation-status ~ "Automated"




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      Thank you for your reply however I am asking about retrieving test cases from a sub-folder that is in the Test Case Repository not in a Release. Is there a way to do that?

      Test Case Repository

      * ABC
      * XYZ from this folder
      Release 1.0

      * 123
      * 456

      Thank you again.

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