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2 years ago

field values for various entities like testcase

Looking for the values that are available in pick lists and various other fields from an api standpoint.  Looking for which endpoints I can use to get the mapping between an ID for a value and the name of the value.. for instance test case status has a few options, but in the testcase json response, I only see numerical values, not the name of the value.


we would like to make a lookup table out of that response so we can use in reporting data warehouse. mapping an ID to a human readable value in reporting


thanks so much



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    In this example, we use the SOAP Sample Project, shipped with ReadyAPI. In this project, we have the Simple Search Test Case test case that declares a username/password, calls a login action to get the session ID, then calls a search with the session id parameter, and finally calls the logout with the session ID parameter. CUIMS App

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      we are  using python and calling the zephyr enterprise api with a token.  we get the test case information with the advancedsearch api, but the values coming back for field items are just the numeric IDs.. we are looking for a place amongst the endpoints to be able to pull down all the available items that the field has with an ID and a name.   

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