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5 years ago

Deleting Text Executions - Zephyr for JIRA cloud

In Zephyr for JIRA Cloud (cannot find that as a community page) we are setting up test cycles and folders.  We have occasionally made errors in creating test executions and assigning them to cycles and folders.  Recently we miss-assigned 837 executions incorrrectly - then accidently duplicated them - again through simple error - query check boxes did not clear and we thought they did.  Anyway - to clean up we needed to delete the duplicate executions and then "move" the 837 executions to varoius "folders" based upon Component field in the execution.


To delete the executions Zephyr appears to require us to manually select tests by clicking on a box at the top left side of the search execution screen, then scroll down and click "show next page" arrow, scroll to top and click the box again, then scroll down and click show next page, rinse and repeat until all tests are selcted.  With 837 executions at 50 per page we do this cycle 17 times (very very slow).  Then you can request the system delete the selected tests (also a 10 min process just waiting).


Is there any way to select all executuions for deletion witin the query - and not have to spend time paging through a query of executions selecting them manually to delete?  We finallly set page length to show 50 executions at a time - which caused longer scrolling times and longer refresh times.   NOTE:  In the JIRA side of this process you only have to click the box once to select all issues to perfrom thee requested operation - but as you know JIRA cannot delete only executions.  Thannk you for the time.     



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