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7 years ago

how quickly does "waitproperty" react to change in value

This is a question about the implementation as well as about experience values from testLeft users:


I'm thinking about automating performance tests where I want to measure how long some UI operations need to complete. Let's assume it is as simple that as soon as the OK button's property active becomes true, the operation is finished.


In a functional test, waitproperty often did come in very handy to make sure the OK button is not pressed before it is active.

But how reliable would waitproperty be if I want to measure the time until the button becomes active? For example at which interval does waitproperty check the object property, and how long does such a check take?

Also does it depend on the complexity of the application under test?


In general, the response times I measure range from few to several seconds, so some inaccuracy would be ok.


Thanks in advance,


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Florian,


    You can use some .NET timer to count the time before and right after calling the WaitProperty method and measure the difference. The result you get will be different every run as it's not a very reliable way to count the time, but you mentioned that some inaccuracy is okay, so I think it should work for you.