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7 years ago

Does TestLeft have the same features as TestComplete?


I've been using TestComplete for the past 5 years and I have just found out about TestLeft.

In TestComplete I only use the scripting capabilities, the object spy tool and the log features.

The main problem I have with TestComplete is that the IDE is horrible and it hasn't been improved (and I guess it'll never be).


So, my question is.. Is TestLeft the same as TestComplete but the IDE is directly Visual Studio (or whichever you want to use)?

Is there anything TestComplete can do that TestLeft can't?

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    In a nutshell:

    As far as I remember, TestComplete supports more native Windows technologies than TestLeft. TestLeft does not support Mobile testing. Also TestLeft is licensed on the per-year basis while TestComplete license is perpetual. There is no NameMapping/Aliasing in TestLeft which uses Models instead (the same conceptually but less handy/visually clear/manageable as for me). Test assembly created with TestLeft contains assemblies from TestExecute core that are not allowed to be distributed to the third-party customer - i.e. you are not allowed to provide your test assemblies to those who does not have TestExecute license.