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5 years ago

Why multiple web services on one page?

I'm curious why I see multiple web services on one Swagger UI page.

It's wonderful to have more than one service listed, but how?



I have 3 containers in docker-compose:

  • StoreService (port 8080) - Public frontend API which calls the InventoryService and SalesService
  • InventoryService (port 8081) - Private backend service
  • SalesService (port 8082) - Private backend service

On localhost:8080/swagger, it provides only the Store API endpoints

On localhost:8081/swagger, it provides only the Inventory API endpoints

On localhost:8082/swagger, it provides both Inventory API and Sales API endpoints, each under their own header line.


I've got a straight-forward install/use of swagger for my ASP.NET Core C# services, and will post lines of code if necessary.

I don't think I have anything "bleeding across" the containers, other than a shared "common" library.

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    Either this is a feature no one knows about, or a defect that no one knows about?!?


    I was hoping to learn how to use/configure this cool feature.