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4 years ago

swagger-codegen-cli-v3 Python response_type='Object' possible bug

I'm using the swaggerapi/swagger-codegen-cli-v3 Docker image to generate Python client code from a simple live API.  However when I use the DefaultApi class in api/ I get deserialization errors for response_type='Object'.  I resolved / worked around these errors by changing the generated code after the fact with this shell command:


# fix what appears to be a bug in the SDK portion of the generated code
sed -i.orig -e "s/response_type='Object'/response_type=object/" ./out/python/api/

By SDK portion in the comment I refer to the generated client class that hides the HTTP response details, as per   This problem does not occur with which one level lower than api/  


By changing the generated code to read response_type=object, the DefaultApi class returns the deserialized data from a GET unchanged, which is what I wanted for my client script.  It no longer trips up over 'Object' which is not a Python type anyway, which is why I think this may be a code generation bug.  

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