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4 years ago

Structural error at paths./

Completely new to Swagger, and I'm getting the error in the subject for the following JSON code (btw, this example of code is basically copied from a swagger created by an "expert" here at work. Trouble is, their code also fails the swagger editor test in the same way.



    "swagger": "2.0",
    "info": {
        "title": "--API-title--",
        "version": "1.0.0",
        "description": " --API-description--"
    "host": "",
    "basePath": "/my/basepath",
    "schemes": [
        "/": {
            "GET": {
                "tags": [
                "summary": "",
                "description": "endpoint desc",
                "produces": [
                "parameters": [


The error message I'm getting is


Structural error at paths./

should NOT have additional properties additionalProperty: GET

Could any kind soul tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you


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