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3 years ago

Getting Started with Swagger Codegen?

Getting Started with Swagger Codegen?


Thanks for reviewing this threads and responses to my prior postings. I did follow the getting started (archived) thread of this forum.  The links in this thread takes to many places, but I lost in getting started directive.


I am opening this thread not to critic the swagger tools, but to provide an avenue to improve/enhance it.  I hope that others in forum do the same.


Let me try with an example.


It shows .yaml on left and user interface on right.


In the top menu important help tab is missing. The help is the key for any tools . Most tools takes us How to ..... to understand the tool better


I find Generate Server , Generate Client . I am struggling to understand how to use the Server, client code coming out of this tool.


During the generation, it produced many scripts, but none of them has any comments to show what are these scripts doing?


I do not think adding comments during generation a big deal. I am not sure about this omission.


Will it it be helpful  to  provide some mapping document kind between input .yaml spec and output scripts?


I am trying to figure out , how to extend the functionality of given API ( ) using Swagger Codegen.


I have looked online for some tutorial pieces (both on YouTube and other forums) which explain the above, but I have not found any which give a suitable explanation and understanding.


I know many experienced members with workaround for above raised issues. You are welcome to share your findings to improve this community/tools.


Thanks for sharing.

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