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Data processing machine learning

Machine learning is having a dramatic impact on the way software is designed so that it can keep pace with business change. Machine learning is so dramatic because it helps you use data to drive business rules and logic. How is this different? With traditional software development models, programmers wrote logic based on the current state of the business and then added relevant data. However, business change has become the norm. It is virtually impossible to anticipate what changes will transform a market. 


About Pragma Edge INC.


Pragmaedge is a software, SaaS, and consulting services company that drives digitization data integration and process automation. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. We are achieving this growth by helping our customers to achieve their goals, delivering innovation, collaboration, and agility with solutions and services that improve their bottom line and business operations. We are a team of "Does and Thinkers" who take a pragmatic approach addressing the needs of our customers.

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Why PragmaEdge INC


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