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2 years ago

Best way to describe global client identification parameters?

I am working on documenting the Plex Media Server API, and they have a number of header parameters that are used to identify clients.

There is only one apiKey ("X-Plex-Token"), but it seems like populating all of the rest of the headers as apiKeys in a set is really the only viable option, especially when trying to generate SDK tools.

anyone have any insight or advice on better ways to accomplish this?

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  • Hi LukeHagar ,


    You can add headers in two ways:

    - As a parameter (in: header)

    - As a security requirement


    If you're looking to have these headers across the entire API, all operations you _might_ want to use security, where you can use the root-level `security: ...` field. See


    For bulk-adding parameters. This is a challenge to other folks too, a proposal was started to help with it called "Overlays" which is a separate document to do bulk modifications to an OpenAPI file, see: The spec would allow you to say things like: "Add this parameter to every operation".


    Related is the idea of "traits" which is a grouping of $refs. This isn't supported by OpenAPI (today) it might be in a later version of the spec.