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7 years ago

Vague error message 'Could not resolve reference because of:'

 A recent update seems to have broken Swaggerhub validation.   On a swagger2.0 contract with domain references, the UI is reporting multiple errors with the following message:


'Could not resolve reference because of:'


While I appreciate the error messages are less techy than old, the current error message provides NO guidance as to what Swaggerhub believes is broken.


Note, swaggerhub server code generation creates a valid skeleton with all resource models fully created.


These particular APIs have been in existance for over six months, and I believe a recent swaggerhub update broke validation.


Please advise... I contacted swaggerhub support, added them as a collaborator, and provided the UI reference. But they bailed on me and said I should post my message here...    i'm not feeling the support love or product quality.

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    Did you resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem (getting "Could not resolve reference because of:" and nothing after it) and I have no idea what the reason for this might be.

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      Let me know if you are still having this issue or not.




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