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7 years ago

Save to Azure API Management


I am using SwaggerHub to integrate to Azure API Management.

Unfortunately SwaggerHub overrides the Web API URL suffix with the basePath (added in swagger).

The basePath for my testing API (used in API Management)should be empty (/).

In API Management I would like to add a version to the WEB API URL (which is the URL used by the subscriber) like /v1/.


So the following example: host:

basePath: /


will be saved in API Management as


Web Service URL :

Web API Url Suffix : / (here I would like to use an version like /v1 which doesn’t exist in mytestapi


But it should be set like the following :

Web Service URL :

Web API Url Suffix : /v1 (should not be touched by SwaggerHub)





Any ideas how I could handle this?