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8 years ago

Pro plan discontinued, am now limited to 5 collaborators

Hi, we've fairly recently started to use SwaggerHub and the $15 Pro Plan was a very good fit for us.


It looks like that plan been discontinued, though, which came as a suprise as I've not seen any e-mail communication about it. The first I heard was when we tried to add another collaborator and found we're now limited to 5, which is not enough.


I'm going to find it very hard to justify paying $99, or possibly more, for the same level of service. Do we have any other options open to us?



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    We did update our plans recently, but we kept all existing plans with their original limits. Therefore, you should still have access to the original number of collaborators you had in your Pro plan.


    We'd be glad to investigate this further though. Could you email us at and let us know your username? We can certainly fix this for you.




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      Thanks for your response yesterday, I've just got back in to the office and seen it.


      I tried again today and found that all seems well again, can see all our collaborators and have been able to add a new one.


      Is there a limit to how long the Pro plan will be supported?